Thursday, August 11, 2011

Court reviews the boundary lines established by two different surveyors

GLENN CUPP ET AL. v. BILL HEATH ET AL. (Tenn. Ct. App. August 11, 2011)

In late 2007, the defendant Bill Heath built a fence on a line running generally east and west, said line having been established by surveyor Bill Parsons in 1990 and then re-staked in 2007 by surveyor Dennis Fultz. The plaintiff Glenn Cupp, an adjoining landowner to the south of Heath, hired surveyor Mark Comparoni to establish his northern line because Cupp believed Heath had built the fence much too far to the south. Marjorie Keck, who joins Heath on her northern boundary and Cupp on her western boundary, also commissioned Comparoni to survey her land. Comparoni's survey confirmed that Heath's new fence incorrectly encompassed approximately 35 acres of Cupp's land and approximately 6 acres of Keck's land. Cupp and Keck filed this action against Heath in 2008 to establish their northern boundary with Heath and the Cupp/Keck common boundary as surveyed by Comparoni. The trial court found that the Comparoni survey correctly established the boundary lines of all the parties. Heath appeals. We affirm.

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